Change Billing Date

To SAVE even further, Federal and State Prison inmates should sync their LowerCostCalls billing date with their Institutional Inmate Phone Account’s renewal date.

To help you SAVE even further…

We recommend you change your billing date with us so that it matches the inmate’s institutional revalidation date.*

Doing so will sync the two accounts which will cause the minutes within both accounts to run at the same time. This will prevent one account from running out of minutes before the other one.

     * An inmate’s institutional revalidation date is the monthly date on which their commissary and phone privileges renew themselves for the month.

* * *


In the federal prison system, this date is determined by multiplying the ‘5th’ digit in the inmate’s institutional identification number by ‘3’ then adding ‘1’ to that number.

The answer is the inmate’s revalidation date.

For Example:

John Doe #13923-073

                         3 x 3 + 1 = 10th

This inmate’s revalidation date occurs monthly on the: 10th

* * *


The above process varies state-by-state; ask your inmate for their state specific details.

* * *


Requested billing date cannot be changed to a date earlier than the currently scheduled billing date.

If the requested date change is for a date earlier than your currently scheduled billing date, you must advance the calendar to the next month prior to selecting the new date.

* * *

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