Why Us?

Jailer telling inmate how to save on phone calls using LowerCostCalls inmate phone service

Cheaper Inmate Calls are Possible!

We know first-hand that having an incarcerated loved one is hard enough without having to learn a whole new phone system. We also believe that nobody should have to go broke accepting their call.

After all, it’s just a phone call…

If you are receiving calls from any type of correctional facility within the United States, using our service will SAVE you $1.50 to $15.85 per 15-minute call.

On average, our County Jail customers save $3.85 per 15-min call.

Use our County Jail Savings Calculator to see exactly how much money using our service will SAVE you. 


Your loved one dials the number provided by LowerCostCalls
Our proprietary routing system routes call to either your mobile or landline.
You and your loved one save up to 85% on your calling cost. Talk Longer ~ Pay Less!

Customer Service

We take pride in providing great customer service, which is why so many of our clients Refer a Friend to our service.

Our How To… Video Library contains explainer-videos providing step-by-step instructions on everything from How To Place An Order to how our Referral Program works.

In addition, our FAQ’s page contains a lot of useful information.

The Customer Portal Guide provides an overview of the features found in the My Account tab of your LowerCostCalls account.

For your convenience, our Account Management Links make managing your account a breeze.

We have staffed the Support Department with technicians capable of quickly resolving any call related issue.

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your account, one of our helpful Customer Service Representatives will gladly assist you. 

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Why Pay MORE Than Necessary?