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Why do I still have to pay the jail's phone service provider if I just activated an account with LowerCostCalls?

Since it is the jails phone system, there is absolutely no way around having to pay them something when your loved one uses the phone.

The GOAL is to pay them the least amount possible…

Using our service will SAVE you $1.85 to $15.85* per 15-min call!
* Savings based on call destination

To use our County Jail Savings Calculator, click HERE

My inmate is in the County Jail, how do I make my NEW account with LowerCostCalls work?

After receiving your phone numbers from us, you need to:

1. Call or go online to the jail’s inmate phone service provider to add the number we provided to the account you have established with them.

 2. Make sure you have adequate funding available on your account with the jail’s inmate phone service provider.

 3. Inform your loved one of the number(s) we provided.


 4. That’s it! You will now be paying the jail’s phone service provider $3.15 per 15-min call instead of what you had been paying them.

Why pay MORE than necessary?

Which types of correctional facilities do you serve ?

Our service works no matter where your inmate is incarcerated.

However, the real question is… ‘Can we SAVE you any money?’

County Jails

If you are paying the county jail inmate phone service provider MORE than $3.15 per 15-min call, using our service will definitely save you money!

How much you will SAVE depends on how much MORE than $3.15 you are currently paying the jail’s inmate phone service provider

To learn how our service works with County Jails, click HERE

Federal Bureau of Prisons

To learn about our Federal calling plan, click HERE

State Prisons

To learn how our service works with State Prison Systems, click HERE

I do not live in the United States; does your service work for International Callers?

We can provide service to anywhere in the world.

With our low international rates, using our service could easily save you hundreds of dollars monthly.

Our payment gateway makes it possible for you to easily open and manage your account from anywhere in the world.

To learn more about our International calling plan, click HERE

Can your service be used with my existing landline or cell phone?

Our service works with both cellphones and landlines.

Your existing phone number, service or billing will not be affected in any way.

How much does a phone number cost and can I have more than one?

Our calling plans include:

Federal = 6 phone numbers
Gold = 3 phone numbers
Silver = 3 phone numbers
International = 6 phone numbers

* * *

Additional phone numbers cost $1 each per month and you may order up to 20.

Your account will be charged $1 for each number ordered at the time of purchase.

The new numbers will then join the regularly scheduled monthly renewal date already assigned to your account.

To purchase an Additional Number, click HERE

Do you offer referral bonuses?

To help you SAVE even further…

If either you or your loved one refers anyone to our service, when the new client opens an account using your Referral Code

                …a $15 Referral Bonus will automatically be added to both accounts; yours and the NEW clients.

Your Referral Code is the EMAIL ADDRESS used when activating your LowerCostCalls account.

To Refer a Friend, click HERE

Will I be obligated by any type of a contract?

There are no contracts to follow.

Our Federal, Silver and Gold calling plans operate on a month-by-month basis.

The International calling plan operates on a pay-as-you-go basis.

To read our Terms of Service, click HERE

Are there any activation fees involved?

Yes, we require a $10 non-refundable Account Activation Fee.

What happens when my account balance runs out?

Accounts with negative balances are automatically closed on the 21st day!

To ensure there are no disruptions in your service, we offer our Automatic Recharge Feature.

This is a great account management option for clients who want to guarantee themselves uninterrupted service.

To Resume Service

You would have to reopen a new account.

To enable, visit our How To… Video Library, click HERE

What happens if my inmate is transferred to another prison?

Simply use the message form located on our Contact Us page to inform us of the transfer.

When your person has arrived at the new location, we will provide you with phone numbers compatible to the new location at no cost to you.

What happens if my phone number changes or if I just want to change the destination number?

Simply use the Change Call Destination link located on the Contact Us to easily make the change.

You may change the call destination from one number to another at any time.

To view the Change Call Destination link, click HERE

Why is there a monthly charge for the phone number(s) even if my inmate did not make any calls that month?

Our calling plans are offered on a monthly renewal basis and as such require a monthly payment to keep the service activated.

If the number you issued me does not work correctly or is rejected by the facility my inmate is being housed in, do I get a refund?

Depending on the situation, we will either refund your money or issue you another number.

To view our Refund Policy, click HERE

How do I cancel my account?

When you no longer require our service, simply click the Account Cancellation link located on our Contact Us page and your account will be closed.

All phone numbers assigned to the account will be released.

ALL unused funds will be promptly refunded with no hidden cancellation fees.

Allow two to three business days for any refunds to reappear on your credit card.

To view the Account Cancellation process, click HERE

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