Listed below are the most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find your answer here, please use the form on the contact page to email our Customer Service Team.

How will your service benefit me?

Our service makes it possible for your calls to be made at the facility’s cheapest rate resulting in savings up to 85% on the cost of those calls.

Which types of correctional facilities do you serve ?

Our service will work in any correctional facility – no matter where your inmate is incarcerated.

It does not matter if it is a county or parish jail; immigration, juvenile or military detention center; federal or state prison.

I do not live in the United States; will your service work for International Callers?

We have very competitive international rates and are able to provide service to anywhere in the world.

Using one of numbers for your International Calls combined with our low rates could easily save you hundreds of dollars monthly.

Our payment gateway makes it possible for you to conveniently open and manage your account from anywhere in the world.

Can your service be used with my current landline or cell phone?

Our service works with both cell phones or landlines and does not affect anyone’s existing phone number, service or billing in any way.

How much does a phone number cost and can I get more than one?

 Phone numbers cost $2 per month for the first number; each additional number cost $1 per month. You may order up to 20.

When activating your account, you will be charged for each number selected. 

The cost of the phone numbers are a reoccurring monthly fee that will be deducted from your account balance on the account’s monthly anniversary date.    

For example: May 5th, June 5th, July 5th…

Other than the monthly charge per number, your account balance is yours to use whenever you choose – no matter how long it takes.

Why do we still have to pay the jail's phone service provider if I signed up with LowerRateCalls?

To be able to use the phone, all facilities require their inmates to maintain a prepaid phone account with that facility. The only alternative is for the inmate to make extremely expensive collect calls.

Most inmates pay for using the phone on their side by either using their commissary debit account, an inmate calling card or by purchasing phone credits.

Please keep in mind that we are not replacing the facility’s phone service provider… what we do is make it possible for your calls to be billed at the facility’s cheapest rate.

Do you offer referral bonuses?

We know and understand that having a loved one or friend incarcerated is not only difficult, but costly. With that in mind, we created a referral program designed to benefit everyone.

Use your account number as your referral code when referring our service to others. To guarantee that you receive credit for the referral, the new client has to provide us with your referral code in order to receive $15 credit.

When the new client has opened their account, $15 will immediately be credited to your LowerCostCalls account balance.

Why do I need to open my account with a minimum of at least a $15.00 deposit?

A deposit is required to ensure funds are available for billing purposes.

Will I be obligated by any type of a contract?

There are no contracts to follow and you will never be surprised by hidden fees. Simply pay as you go!

When you no longer require our service, there will be no cancellation fees; all of your unused funds will be promptly refunded.

Are there any activation fees involved?

We require a $10 account activation fee.

What happens when my account balance runs out?

If the account balance remains at $0 for longer than 14 days the phone numbers assigned to the account will automatically be released. 

To ensure there are no disruptions in your service, all accounts offer an Automatic Recharge Feature. This is a great account management option for clients who want to guarantee themselves uninterrupted service.

If enabled, you will no longer have to remember renewal dates or set aside time to manage your account balance because whenever it reaches $2 additional funds will automatically be added to bring your account back to its authorized balance. 

This will prevent a negative balance that would result in your account being temporarily suspended. To resume service, you would not have to repay the $10 One-Time Account Activation Fee; however, you will most likely need to be reissued new numbers. 

What happens if my inmate is transferred to another prison?

We will provide you with new phone numbers at no additional cost.

Contact us at client@LowerCostCalls.com when your inmate arrives at the new facility.

What happens if my phone number changes or if I just want to change the destination number?

Simply click on the MY ACCOUNT tab in the upper right-hand corner. Next, log in to your account, go to the Navigation Bar, select Change Call Destination, pick the number you want to change, make your change then click Modify.

Why is there a monthly charge for the phone number(s) even if my inmate did not make any calls that month?

All of our phone numbers have monthly charges and taxes associated with them regardless of usage.

The monthly charge for each number is part of the cost in providing service to you.

If the number you issue me is rejected by the facility my inmate is being housed in, do I get a refund?

If for some reason you are unable to use one of our numbers, we will gladly either refund your money or issue you another number.

How do I cancel my account?

When you no longer require our service, simply email our Customer Service Team at client@LowerCostCalls.com requesting to cancel your service.

Your account will be closed and all of your unused funds will be refunded with no cancellation or hidden fees.