Start Saving with 3 Simple Steps

Step 1

Sign up for our service

Step 2

Give the inmate the number(s)


Step 3

Start saving up to 85% on calls

How It Works

1.  We provide phone numbers which are routed to the landline or cell phone of each person your inmate wishes to call. Doing so does not affect that person’s existing service or phone bill in any way and their current phone number remains the same. 

2.  Give the inmate the new phone number. 

3.  Depending on the facility, either you or your inmate may need to contact the facility’s phone service provider to add the number(s) we provided to the account you have established with them.

Since it is their phone system, there is no way around having to pay the facility’s phone service provider something when your inmate uses their phone.

“Using our service makes it possible for your calls to be made as cheaply as possible!”

* If your inmate is ever transferred to another facility, we will provide you with new localized numbers at no additional cost.

Helpful Information

The three main companies providing phone service to correctional facilities throughout the United States are:

Securus Technologies

Website: https://securustech.net/
Phone: 972-734-1111 or 800-844-6591

GlobalTel Link

Website: https://www.connectnetwork.com/
Phone: 866-230-7761


Website: http://icsolutions.com/
Phone: 888-506-8407