How It Works

How It Works - LowerCost Calls

If you are paying the jail’s phone service provider MORE than $3.15 per 15-min call…

…using our service will definitely SAVE you money!

* * * * *

Use the ‘calculator‘ below to see how much you will SAVE using our service:

 Silver Calling Plan = 1,000 min =   66 fifteen-min calls
    Gold Calling Plan = 2,000 min = 133 fifteen-min calls 

County Jail Savings Calculator

To calculate how much money LowerCostCalls will save you,
enter the price you are currently paying for a 15-minute call

  • Enter cost
    of 15-min call

  • Cost when using


  • Savings
    per call

    $ X.XX

  • Silver Plan
    save up to

    $ X.XX

  • Gold Plan
    save up to

    $ X.XX

We CAN provide you with a cheaper calling solution!

Our service REDUCES the price you are paying the

jail’s inmate phone service provider to $3.15 for a 15-min call

How much you will SAVE depends on how much more than $3.15 per call you are currently paying.

Why Pay More Than Necessary?

* * * * *

To SAVE money on the cost of your inmate calls, here is what you MUST do:

Select one of our Calling Plans.

2. Call or go online to the jail’s phone service provider to add the numbers we provided to the account you have with them.

3. Make sure there are funds available on your account with the jail’s phone service provider.   

4. Inform your loved one of the NEW numbers they will now dial to reach you.


That’s it ~ your SAVINGS will begin with your very next call