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For Example:   52 = Mexico 

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How To... Video Library 📺

Our collection of short explainer-videos provide easy to follow step-by-step instructions of everything from How To Place An Order to Referring a Friend.

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How It Works

Your loved one dials the number provided by LowerCostCalls
Your loved one dials the number provided by LowerCostCalls
Your loved one dials the number provided by LowerCostCalls

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Account Management Links

Use these easy access links to manage all aspects of your account. 

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Customer Portal Guide

Provides a detailed overview of the account features within the MY ACCOUNT tab.

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View our customer’s most Frequently Asked Questions.

This collection of FAQ’s covers customer concerns prior to opening an account with LowerCostCalls.

  • If the answer to your question cannot be found among the questions and answers featured, please use the provided link to ask your question.

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FCC's ~ Declaratory Ruling

Thanks to this FCC ruling, families of incarcerated loved ones now enjoy new options for reducing the high cost of phone calls in jails and prisons due to action taken by the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau.

This 2013 ruling by the FCC is what made it possible for businesses such as LowerCostCalls to save you money on the high price of inmate phone calls.

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Inmate Phone Service Providers

The phone your loved one uses when they call you belongs to one of the companies listed on the Inmate Phone Service Providers page.

These companies own and operate the telephone systems within ALL correctional facilities within the United States.

The contact information for the Inmate Phone Service Provider for your loved one’s facility can be found here.

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Inmate Search

Use the provided links to easily locate inmates in County Jails, Federal Prisons, State Prisons or within the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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Make a Deposit

To use our easy access link to Make a Deposit, all you need to know is the EMAIL ADDRESS associated with the account.

Our billing system will verify the email address before authorizing the deposit.

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Refer a Friend

To help you SAVE even further…

If either you or your loved one refers anyone to our service, when the new client opens an account using your referral code, a $15 Referral Bonus will automatically be added to both accounts; yours and the NEW clients.

Your Referral Code is the EMAIL ADDRESS used when activating your LowerCostCalls account.

If you know of someone who could use a break on the high price of inmate calls, use the link located on the bottom of our emails or found on the Account Management page to… Refer a Friend.

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Support Department

Our support department is staffed with technicians capable of quickly resolving any call related issue.

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The Daily Boredom Buster!

Providing perfect conversation starters, our newsletter, ‘The Daily Boredom Buster!’ contains the following topics:
True Legal Oddities!;  Word Of The Day;  True Crime!Quote Of The Day; and  Odd, But True! 

‘The Daily Boredom Buster!’ was launched on 4-20-2020 as a way to bring a little cheer to our federal inmate customers and their families as they endured the additional hardships caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It has since become so popular, we now include it with all new calling plan subscriptions.

* To keep things interesting, we use different sources for the material included in the inmate’s edition; after all, what fun would it be trying to tell each other the same things.

Our federal inmate customers are emailed a FREE copy every morning via If your inmate is able to receive emails and would like to receive a FREE copy of our newsletter, have them submit a correspondence request to

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