Is This Allowed?

On September 26, 2013, the FCC ruled that prisoners can use cheaper VoIP alternatives to call home… those new rules took effect on February 11, 2014.

All facilities have established rules and regulations regarding inmate phone calls.

These regulations vary greatly throughout the many different systems, but the clearest and easiest to understand are those used by the United States Federal Bureau of Prisons in policy statement PS-5264.08, which states in part…

     “that inmates must place all personal telephone calls over the Trust Fund’s ITS-II and must not circumvent the rules and regulations imposed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons.”

Our service in no way violates the rules any facility for the following:

All calls made by an inmate to any LowerCostCalls number are, and can only be, placed through the facility’s existing telephone equipment. No circumvention is possible as all calls are still being strictly monitored, recorded and logged.

2. Call forwarding is defined by dictionary.com as being “a telephone service feature whereby, when a customer chooses, all calls coming in to one number are automatically rerouted to another, designated number.”

That is a customer-controlled calling feature not available from LowerCostCalls. Our number are permanently and directly routed by our technicians through the Internet to the designated recipient. Neither the inmate nor the recipient have access to or control over the routing of that call. 

3. The dialed destination is never masked. Most facilities require an inmate to maintain a pre-approved calling list. After having placed the new LowerCostCalls number on their pre-approved calling list, dialing that number will only reach that pre-approved recipient and no one else.

4. To further assure that no rules or procedures can be violated, our highly customized proprietary equipment and software specifically make it impossible to call credit card access numbers or any other toll-free numbers such as those beginning with area codes 800, 888, 900 or 976 numbers.