Referral Program

We know and understand that doing time is not only difficult, but costly to both you and your family. By using our service, new clients will no longer have to pay the expensive long distance rates they had been paying. 

To help ease the costly burden of incarceration, we have created a referral program designed to benefit everyone. You get a $15 referral bonus; the new client receives $15 credit and we get a new client.

There is no limit on how many referrals you may generate and if you think about it, you could actually do well for yourself with our referral program. Seriously, who would not want to save money on their calling costs if they could?

Use your account number as your referral code when referring our service to others. To guarantee that you receive credit for the referral, the new client has to provide us with your referral code in order to receive $15 credit to use calling anywhere in the world.

When the new client has opened their account, $15 will immediately be credited to your LowerCostCalls account balance.