Using LowerCostCalls’ service has made staying in touch with my husband affordable. We now talk for all 300 minutes each month for half of what I had previously been spending.

Juanita Martinez, Dallas, TX

The Customer Service at LowerCostCalls is awesome. My boyfriend is incarcerated in federal prison and was just transferred to a different facility, for the second time in a year. Both times, LowerCostCalls quickly provided us with new local phone numbers at no additional cost. I wish everything in life ran so smoothly.

Sara Jackson, Duluth, MN

I just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how surprised I was to actually receive a full refund of the remaining balance on my account when my wife was discharged from prison last week. I really wasn’t expecting it. Your honesty and integrity is greatly appreciated. Your service throughout her incarceration helped make a bad situation somewhat better. Thank you!

Daryl Williams, Springfield, MO

Recently, on several occasions, while waiting to be processed into the visiting room, I have told other visitors about how they could save money on their outrageous phone bills and get their first month free by using your service. I also gave them my personal referral code number. I know my son is doing the same thing with all the people he encounters on the inside. He says it’s easy to get referrals because everybody wants to save money on the high price of their calls. We are both thankful for the referral rewards he receives; the extra money has really helped make things easier. Your referral program is an excellent idea and I hope it pays off for you like it has for us.

Amanda Reynolds, Phoenix, AZ