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Jailer telling inmate how to save on phone calls using LowerCostCalls inmate phone service

Cheaper Inmate Calls are Possible!

We know first-hand that having an incarcerated loved one is hard enough without having to learn a whole new phone system. We also believe that nobody should have to go broke accepting their call.

After all, it’s just a phone call…

To show you that cheaper inmate calls are possible, we invite you to try our Bronze Plan ~ 100% Free!

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Happily saving money with LowerCostCalls

Savings Potential

Use our County Jail Savings Calculator to see exactly how much money using our service will SAVE you.

County Jail Savings Calculator

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Using our service REDUCES the price you are paying the jail’s inmate phone service provider to $3.15 per 15-min call.

Why Pay More Than Necessary?

How It Works

Your loved one dials the number provided by LowerCostCalls
Our proprietary routing system routes call to either your mobile or landline.
You and your loved one save up to 85% on your calling cost. Talk Longer ~ Pay Less!

Helpful Information


View our customer’s most Frequently Asked Questions.

This collection of FAQ’s covers customer concerns prior to opening an account with LowerCostCalls.

  • If the answer to your question cannot be found among the questions and answers featured, please use the provided link to ask your question.

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FCC's ~ Declaratory Ruling

Thanks to this FCC ruling, families of incarcerated loved ones now enjoy new options for reducing the high cost of phone calls in jails and prisons due to action taken by the FCC’s Wireline Competition Bureau.

This 2013 ruling by the FCC is what made it possible for businesses such as LowerCostCalls to save you money on the high price of inmate phone calls.

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How To... Video Library 📺

Our collection of short explainer-videos provide easy to follow step-by-step instructions of everything from How To Place An Order to Referring a Friend.

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Inmate Search

Use the provided links to easily locate inmates in County Jails, Federal Prisons, State Prisons or within the custody of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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International Callers

If your loved one will be making any international calls, you MUST use one of our international plans.

With competitive rates, we provide families and friends around the world with cheaper calls to loved ones incarcerated anywhere within the United States.

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Why Pay MORE Than Necessary?